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What we do:

  • Market & Sociological studies: we provide the latest insights and our in-house expert data analysis to fuel our partners’ strategic decisions.
    We ensure accuracy.
  • Strategic Consulting: we organise brands’ speeches to optimise awareness and readability.
    We create consistency.
  • Art Direction & Creative Direction: we translate brands’ messages into impactful and innovative creative grammars that will support and anchor their personalities.
    We create desirability.
  • Influence & Talent scouting: we curate the talents that will best incarnate, express, and expand brands’ message within defined communities.
    We create cultural relevancy and resonance.
  • Production & Post-production: we transform ideas into live and scalable content to fuel brands’ ecosystems. We’ve set up our own in-house studio and post-production desk inside QK’s agency. We ensure content quality.
  • Publishing & Editorial consulting : we support our partners in broadening their field of expression through the development of editorial digital & print objects.
    We create brands editorial content & support
  • Events: we conceptualise and produce offline momentums for brands to connect with their audiences.
    We create live experiences.